Our Commitment

Apex Strata and Community Management is committed to delivering professional and cost-effective strata and community management solutions for you, by building strong commercial relationships, employing highly trained and experienced staff and using sound processes and systems.


Company Profile

Apex Strata and Community Management is a family owned strata management services company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It was founded by Michael Davis, a licensed Strata Managing Agent with 15 years experience in the property sector. Michael is the licensee-in-charge. He is also a Solicitor. He manages a number of strata schemes on the Northern Beaches, recognising that proximity to the business goes hand in hand with a high level of service and overall efficiency. The company looks after all sectors of the industry covering residential, industrial, commercial, retail and mixed use. The key objective of the company is to ensure that the owners of properties receive a maximum return on their investments, by providing the Owners Corporations with the highest standard of management for their properties, at a competitive price. It achieves this by:

  • Strict adherence to legislation and regulations
  • Sound accounting, administrative, secretarial and maintenance practices
  • Working constructively with Owners Corporations and their committees
  • Encouraging peaceful and harmonious living for all owners and residents
  • Promoting excellent customer service, innovation, professionalism and integrity.


For more details on the services we provide please try the links below.

DEFT Payment Systems is a quick, easy and secure way to pay your levies, with a range of payment options available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our Client Services Charter

At Apex Strata and Community Management, we maintain and stand by our Client Services Charter which outlines our approach to delivering effective and efficient strata management services. The Charter:

  • Focuses on our clients’ needs, priorities and expectations
  • Encourages a service quality culture with continuous improvement
  • Commits to best practice service levels for all forms of communication
  • Provides a mechanism for monitoring our performance.